Logbook for Pilots

logitPPL is a pilot logbook for Android for logging pilot flying time. The EASA version is for European pilots and is Jar 1.080 compliant. These aviation apps will log, chart, backup, filter and summarise your flight time data. The apps will also get metar & taf information and give date warnings. The EASA version provides extra functionality. See screen shot pages.

How to use...


I've tried to reduce the amount of data entry as possible. I've used preferences and auto-complete to minimise key strokes. If like me, you keep entering the same data over and over again, then you should think about using "preferences". Preferences will fill in your entries for you.

I was retro entering old log entries, so I set up my preference Year as 1996. I also set the preference ICAO entry to "EINN".  You will need to change yours.

To change your preferences, go to the tools tab & press the "menu" button. This will bring up the following screen:

press "Your preferences..." at the bottom of the screen.This will bring up the following screen:

Slide the screen up/down to get to the preference you want to change:

Press "Year". This will bring up the year entry below.Change the value to a year that suits you. This functionality was added for making entries for previous years e.g. to make a block of entries for 2006, set this value to 2006.


This will work automatically for you and will not require you to do anything. I've used the auto-complete feature to suggest entries. The suggestions are based on previous log entries made by you. An example of using auto-complete is when you enter a registration. The first time you make a log entry, you will need to enter the registration in full. However, subsequent times you will be prompted for values in a list to select.

Holder's Operating Capacity (HOC)

This field is free format. The following table shows suggested entries:

PICUS or P1 U/SCo-Pilot under supervision
P.1/SPilot-in-Command under supervision
P.2Second Pilot or Co-Pilot
P/UTPilot under instruction
SPICStudent Pilot in Command
P.u/tStudent Pilot; Pilot under training
OtherEnter other value
N.1Navigator responsible for the navigation of the aircraft
N.2Navigator acting under the supervision of the pilot in command
N.u/tNavigator under training
T.1Licensed Radiotelephony operator responsible for all communications made.
T.u/tRadiotelephony operator under training.
E.1Flight engineer responsible for the operation of the aircraft power units and auxillary systems

Android Wheel by kankan - Spin or tap

This app uses the Android wheel for entering times and dates. The wheels or spinners are linked to the +/- tap buttons. Spin or tap to enter values.

Android wheel for time selection

Data Backup

Get into the habit of backing up your data regularly. You never know when your phone, laptop etc will no longer be available to you. I back up my data off-site so that a restore is easier:

  1. backup your data from the "tools" tab to create a backup file. The backup file is a text file called logitppl.txt.
  2. email your backup file from the "tools" tab. Using the preferences you can enter your email address so that you don't have to keep retyping it.  
It's also a good idea to back up data before updating an application with a newer version.


I've used the AFreeChart software for charting (see credits). To start off I've provided functionality for 4 basic chart types: Captain, Type, Registration & Type. There's a whole load of different ways you can go with charting your data. If you take a look at their web-site you'll see what I mean: